Women’s Holidays Tour: Isle of Iona

Women's Holidays Tour: Isle of Iona

May 22, 2016 - May 27, 2016, All Day
(all times are local to the event)
Isle of Iona

Women’s Holidays invites you to retreat to the beautiful Isle of Iona.

If you’re keen to leave it all behind, to take the opportunity for retreat, reflection, and restoration, then the Isle of Iona is for you. This tiny Inner Hebrides Island of 3 miles long and one mile wide, has long held a tradition of spirituality and retreat from our busy world.

Iona calls many people from all over the world, and many return again and again. Others enjoy the natural magic of the Isle; the sea and sandy beaches, walks across the heathland and hills to St Columba’s Bay, finding the rare Iona green stone and marble on the beach, and sensing the ancient connections.

Our Women’s Holidays guides for this very special, peaceful retreat are Gabriella, Heather and Yvonne. Gabriella and Heather travel the world creating music, and facilitating groups in personal journeys. Both of these women have long-term connections to the Isle. Yvonne is an archaeologist and international traveller. She will take you hiking across the island and give you an insight into the many historical and archaeological aspects that Iona has to offer. As a bonus, Heather is an accomplished and experienced cook and loves to create meals using local ingredients.

So. Do you feel that Iona is calling you? Our time in Iona may be an opportunity; an opportunity for an opening heart and mind. And really, what more could you want? Rest, reflect, retreat, walk, and to savor delicious food on the beautiful Isle of Iona.

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