Women’s Holidays Tour: Canal du Midi

Women's Holidays Tour: Canal du Midi

September 10, 2016 - September 17, 2016, All Day
(all times are local to the event)
Canal du Midi

The Canal du Midi is best seen by a combination of barge and bike. Your gear, bike, accommodation, deck chairs, wine and kitchen float along with you. There is no packing up each day. Sit back and watch the beautiful scenery along the Canal Du Midi, as we serenely drift along. This is a holiday where you can really relax and chill out. What has delighted and surprised everyone on previous trips is how rural, peaceful and enchanting the medieval villages along the Canal du Midi are. We use bicycles to explore villages and to cycle along the shaded tree lined tow path. Beyond are vineyards and terracotta villages. The Canal du Midi is steeped in history and heritage.

You’ll see stunning cathedrals, grand châteaux, ancient Cathar ruins and medieval cities. Carcassonne is a real gem. We will pass through the famous Fonsérannes Locks and the amazing Tunnel de Malpas. Savour the slow easy pace of travel on the Canal du Midi, past lush vineyards in the heart of the Languedoc wine region. You can enjoy wine tasting, food and sightseeing at medieval villages and ancient fortress cities all the way along the Canal Du Midi.

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