Out on Film, Atlanta

October 4, 2012 - October 11, 2012, 12:00 am
(all times are local to the event)


One of the oldest LGBT film festivals in the country, Atlanta’s Out on Film is dedicated to supporting the exhibition of LGBT film and video art forms. A non-profit, tax-exempt 501c3 organization, Out on Film was created in 1987 to inform, entertain, educate, and enrich the regional LGBT community by recognizing the creative work of these artists and professionals, many with local connections. Out on Film’s popularity is accomplished in part by offering multi-racial and multi-cultural films, and over the years has been recognized locally, nationally, and globally for showcasing films by, for, and about the LGBT community.

The real value to fans and movie-goers is the sense of kinship the event creates, offering an environment that focuses on fellowship, diversity and mutual identity that the community looks forward to year after year. Out on Film is a real positive force for local movie-goers, spotlighting emerging talent, creating community between filmmakers and audiences, and offering a forum for stories that reflect and often transform LGBT lives.

Out on Film makes the movie experience more complete because movies have the ability to bring people together. Top rated films, intimate settings, audience participation and special celebrity events give movie-goers and sponsors a way to connect, a way to extend a 90-minute film into a lasting relationship.

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