Kitoks Kinas , Kuanas

Kitoks Kinas , Kuanas

September 4, 2012 - September 6, 2012, All Day
(all times are local to the event)

LGBT film festival ‘Kitoks Kinas’ (‘Diverse Cinema’) has prepared a unique festival’s programme, which not only fits in the pocket easily but also may be used as a Beer Tip Tray or tray for a cup of coffee. The programme may be found at the Cinema Centre ‘Skalvija’, Cinema Theatre ‘Pasaka’ as well as Cinema Theatre ‘Cinamon’. Moreover, a Beer Tip Tray will be provided to each one who orders alcohol or soft drinks at the ‘Soho’ club.

LGBT film festival to educate society of Lithuania

The first LGBT film festival in Lithuania will be screened in the biggest cities of Lithuania Vilnius and Kaunas.

There will be thirteen films shown during the programme more than 40 screenings in total”, – spoke an initiator of LGBT film festival Vytautas Valentinavičius.

The opening of LGBT film festival ‘Kitoks kinas’ (‘Diverse Cinema’) will start with Tomer Heymann’s film ‘I shot my love’ which tells a personal but universal love story and follows the triangular relationship between Tomer, his German boyfriend, and his intensely Israeli mother.

The goal of the LGBT film festival ‘Kitoks kinas’ is to educate the society of Lithuania through different artistic means conveying LGBT culture, inciting discussions and changing the attitudes of society towards the LGBT community.

“After the Baltic Pride Vilnius 2010, the organizers came up with the idea to organise an LGBT film festival which hopefully becomes an annual event in Lithuania”, – noted Chair of Lithuanian Gay League Vladimiras Simonko.

An exhibition on diverse families titled ‘Living together (Contemporary traditional / nontraditional family)’, 2004, will be displayed at Cinema Centre ‘Pasaka’ during LGBT film festival ‘Kitoks kinas’. The exhibition will be open to the public from 16 August until the end of the festival.

This series of photos explores the concept of contemporary family, the integration of diverse families into society, and the attitudes and judgement of society itself.

The LGBT film festival is organised by the Equal Rights and Social Development Centre and Lithuanian Gay League, with the website as the information partner. The LGBT film festival will take place in both Vilnius on 25 – 31 August and Kaunas on 4 -6 September 2011.

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