Joe + Belle @ ZeFestival Nice

Joe + Belle @ ZeFestival Nice

July 15, 2013 - October 13, 2013, 12:00 am
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NEWS FLASH! AUGUST 13. Joe + Belle is nominated for “Best Film” in the Israeli Oscars!

Finally, the lesbian riff on Thelma & Louise we’ve all been waiting for!

“A creative tour-de-force… Joe + Belle manages to say something deep about love and violence while still offering all the gallows humor you could hope for.” –

Joe + Belle is an incredibly funny and romantic new lesbian feature boasting a great story, a whimsically dark comic sensibility and stellar performances. Writer-director-star Veronica Kedar shines as Joe — a laid-back dope dealer full of magnetic charisma. Sivan Levy is Belle —–a forlorn yet irresistibly sensual crazy girl who attaches herself to Joe and refuses to let go.

The chemistry here is spot-on perfect as the two girls fall madly in love against the backdrop of a wild cross-country getaway — after they accidentally kill a guy! Full of whimsical sensibility and black humor, Joe + Belle is destined to restore your faith in young love.

(Movie is in English, Hebrew and French with English subtitles)