Announcing a new counseling place designed especially for lesbians

Lynda Spann, PhD, LMFT
The Lesbian Couples Institute, founder

Have you ever struggled with finding just the right counselor because you had no idea how they really feel about lesbians even though they proudly advertised: we’re LGBT friendly? (What does that even mean?)

Or maybe you’ve avoided therapy all together because you didn’t want to deal with the likely ignorance and lack of understanding about who you are. On top of the load of pain you’re already trying to survive.

Stories like that break my heart.

I’ve enjoyed the good fortune of having a very successful mainstream counseling practice for more than two decades. But over the past couple of years, I found myself dreaming of creating a counseling center that was designed just for lesbians. Just for women like you and me.

You know, the kind of place where women-who-love-women are completely at ease.

A space where you feel relaxed and at home the minute you walk in. With no worries about whether your counselor might silently judge you or just not “get” you. A counseling place where you won’t stress because you’ll know that your counselor is a lesbian, too.

Well, this dream of mine recently became a reality. My partner and I moved from a smallish town to the big city of Denver in the Fall of 2018. And I opened the doors to the Lesbian Couples Institute. I call it LCI for short.

I’m really proud of creating a counseling center for our community. My peeps!

It’s been a blast living in a thriving metro area again. And I feel so passionate about the work we’re doing at LCI.

While the major focus of the Lesbian Couples Institute is couples counseling, that’s not all we do.

At LCI we help lesbian couples and we do individual therapy with lesbian and queer women.

But there’s one service I offer at LCI that I’m super proud of. And that I’m excited to tell you about.

That’s the One or Two-day Lesbian Couples Retreat In Denver.

Don’t mistake this as a recreational retreat or a spa-day. Actually it’s an intensive or immersive day of couples counseling.

Please don’t freak out! It sounds more grueling than it is.

When you and your partner spend the better part of one or two days with a highly skilled lesbian couples counselor (me) you can transform your relationship fast.

Simple as that.

Have you ever gone to (or heard of) the traditional type of couples counseling? Therapy that usually takes months and months because you only get to go to a 50-minute session every week or two.

Well, I can tell you that the traditional couples therapy path is very slow and painful.

I say painful because an hour isn’t long enough for you and your therapist to get into the meat of the problem and then help you get right-side-up before you leave the office. (In fact, lots of couples fight more after those short therapy sessions than before they arrived.)

And it’s slow because it’s remarkably hard to keep up the momentum you’ll need to get to the root of your issues, rediscover hope, and make significant progress when you only meet for an hour of counseling every-other-week.

With traditional therapy, the distractions of work, family, friends, meetings, and life drama will usually get in the way of quickly fixing what’s not working in your relationship.

Therein lies the real beauty of a Couples Retreat (aka: Couples Intensive).

By spending a concentrated amount of time laser-focusing on your relationship (without life’s interruptions tugging at your sleeve) you’ll get several months of progress in just one or two days.

A Lesbian Couples Retreat In Denver can be a very wise investment in your relationship if:

– You’re caught in the quicksand of having the same old problems
– You’ve wasted your time and money on therapy that didn’t work
– Your drive to avoid conflict has driven you to lonely disconnection
– You are on the brink of a breakup
– Your relationship is cracking under the weight of an affair
– You want the anonymity of getting top-notch relationship help outside of your community

I’ve had the honor of helping many lesbian couples go from a place of nearly unravelling, to getting knitted back together as a secure and happy couple.

And I’ll tell you, the quickest and most effective way of doing that is through a one or two-day couples retreat.

Have you gotten to the point that you dread coming home?

Do you wake up with anxiety pulsing through your body because you’re worried that your relationship isn’t going to make it?

If you’re ready to give your relationship the very best chance to not only survive but to become exceptional, click here to learn more about the Lesbian Couples Retreat In Denver.

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