Tips for dating bisexual women

bisexual girls on a dateDating bisexual girls can be fantastic. Sometimes they are the most feminine girls on the scene, with a fresh, innocent attitude towards lesbian relationships that you don’t get with other girls. They can have broader social circles too, which can be a welcome relief from the scene.

But dating a bisexual girl isn’t always a rose garden. There are some things to avoid, and some things to always bear in mind. These tips should help to put your relationship on a firmer footing.

Avoid Falling into Stereotypes About Bisexual Women
Don’t assume that your lover is a closet lesbian or secretly straight. Things are never as simple as that. 99 percent of the time, when a bisexual girl tells you that she’s bisexual, she means just that. She is genuinely attracted to members of both sexes, and isn’t “experimenting” or “going through a phase.”

So, if you are worried about your partner choosing guys, try to put it to the back of your mind. She’s serious about you – as serious as any lesbian partner could be, and she’s not just using you to get some kicks before she gets married and starts a family.

Don’t Assume your Partner is Sexually Greedy

Another myth that lesbians sometimes fall into is to assume that their bisexual partner is somehow “greedy” and unserious about love. That’s a misreading of what bisexuality really is, and it can cripple your relationship.

The truth is that bisexuals aren’t any more sexually promiscuous or greedy than straight, trans or lesbian people. They may have more options, but this doesn’t mean that they will act on them. They’re most likely focused on who they are with and what makes them special, and aren’t playing the field.

Always Make your Bisexual Partner feel like Part of the Scene

Make your bisexual partner feel accepted and wanted. Don’t freeze them out if they don’t conform to how you feel a lesbian partner should look, act and even talk.

Sometimes, bisexual girls aren’t integrated into social circles. It’s as if they aren’t taken seriously, or seen as less authentic, or even deceptive. Always try to avoid that path, and make sure your friends get to know your lover. Freezing them out is a big no-no.

Monitor the Warning Signs to see if She’s Serious

Having said that most bisexual women really are into both sexes, some girls who appear on the scene claiming to be bi really are just looking to experiment and have a little fun on the side. That’s why you need to be careful about which bisexual women you date, and how quickly it becomes serious.

If your new partner hasn’t posted photos of you as a couple on Facebook or introduces you to her social group as a “friend,” alarm bells should start ringing.

How serious is she really about building a proper relationship if she can’t be honest and open about her sexuality? She might be coy about coming out. That’s fine. But she might also be playing with you. It’s a tough call, but it’s always worth being sensitive, at least for the first couple of months.

Be Honest About Sexual Health from the Start

STDs are another tricky subject, but it’s something you need to be honest about. Many lesbians see bisexual girls as “dirty” or somehow dangerous, as if they are trying to contaminate their community with STDs. That’s not fair, and it’s the kind of hostility that can torpedo relationships, but you do need to talk about your sexual past.

Dating a bisexual girl doesn’t have to be tough. If you’re sensible about not getting swept away by the wrong girl, take your partner’s sexuality seriously and bring them into your social scene, it all becomes much easier.

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  1. Tamkos

    I fell inlove with a bisexual woman, she was seeing some guy. And she promises to take care of it, unfortunately i fell deeply for her even before she could take care of him. My heart got badly broken, am still crying even now while writing this. Am not sure how i will ever recover from this, am not sure if i will ever be able to love yet again. It hurt me, its painful, its painful, its painful. I love her…its painful. I had to leave that relationship, and after i broke up with her she broke up with a guy. I begged her to love me again, to get back together but she apologized and said she has to figure out her life first. Its painful, its hurting. My self esteem is soo low, am scared, am embarrassed that i begged her to love me. Its hurting, its painful


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