Love My Life

Opposites attract in this charming lesbian love story from Japan.

“Cute, indie-rock-infused coming-of-age tale about a university student and her first girlfriend… Refreshingly honest and incredibly upbeat!” –

Ichiko is a happy go lucky girl who falls in love with serious Eri, a fellow student at the university. Ichiko wants to tell the world about their love – beginning with her father. But gay romance is not quite as easy as Ichiko envisions. When she comes out, she learns surprising family secrets. And Eri’s studies soon are keeping them apart. Starring Japanese supermodel Asami Imajuku, Love My Life was adapted from a Japanese manga by Ebine Yamaji and features a great soundtrack by NOODLES.

“4 1/2 stars [out of 5]. A resonant message and one vital to the gay community: Live your life, love your life. Did I mention the hot sex scenes and sassy soundtrack?” —’s LesbianLife

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