Leading Ladies

A warm and wacky family drama, this film features two sisters (newcomers Shannon Lea Smith and Laurel Vail), their gay best friend (“So You Think You Can Dance” winner Benji Schwimmer) and their overzealous stage mother (legendary ballroom diva Melanie LaPatin). It serves up an exceptionally choreographed tale of uplifting gay affirmation. With one sister pregnant and the other coming out of the closet and falling in love (with the adorable Nicole Dionne), the whole family hustles to stay on top in the world of competitive ballroom dance.

With cameos by favorite “So You Think You Can Dance” dancers Katee Shean, Kherington Payne, Courtney Galiano and Sara VonGillern!

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  1. Maria E. Torres

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    common guys don’t get jealous you always up front… we need our own site..don’t worry we enjoy yours to.. we are family…Wish we had our own Island the world would be a better world…We just want to love and be loved…We want to have the same rights with benefits just like our fellow worker…is that so hard to understand…Thanks for your website again…good luck..love it….:)


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