When young Czech refugee Tasha (Chloe Sirene) comes into the life of working-class British housewife Helen (TV star Pauline McLynn), they are instantly drawn to one another by an unexpected passion.

While Helen endures her bigoted husband Paul (legendary British actor Paul McGann) and wild teenage daughter Kelly (the bad ass Tamzin Dunstone), Tasha and her mother (the amazing Rula Lenska) await their British passports and deal with the pervasive immigrant bashing that surrounds them. The titular “Gypo” is a racist British epithet for Gypsy/Roma-Sinti people and refugees.

The entire cast give tremendous performances as the story unfolds from three perspectives, a la Kurosawa’s classic, “Rashomon.” With a distinctive, atmospheric aesthetic and filmed in Lars von Trier’s “Dogme95”-style, “Gypo” is the first certified lesbian-themed “Dogme” film.

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