Girl Play

As the stars of a lesbian love story, sexy leading ladies Robin Greenspan and Lacie Harmon try to resist falling in love with each other. But rehearsals grow steamier as unfulfilled desires rage in this hot and hilarious romantic comedy.

Based on Harmon and Greenspan’s original play, “Real Girls” (in turn based on their own true story). The film also stars Dom Deluise and Mink Stole! Robin Greenspan and Lacie Harmon shared the Best Actress Award at the 2004 edition of Outfest as well as the festival’s Outstanding Lesbian Narrative Feature Award.

“Girl Play” was hailed by the Hollywood Reporter: “Robin Greenspan and Lacie Harmon are exceedingly likeable, smart and funny performers.”

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2 Responses to “Girl Play”

  1. Jessica

    Hi i’m Jessica from mauritius Island in the Indian ocean…
    I’ve just discover this page and I find it awesome
    I didn’t know about it and I think it’s great
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  2. dogmom

    just watched “Girl Play” last night. Well, actually I fast forwarded most of it. It was 90% monologue and maybe, maybe 10% action…but not much sex. “Hot and hilarious romantic comedy” it is not. Not funny, not hot, and not romantic. Don’t waste your time or money.


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