Are you ready to be a naked yoga goddess?


Like a solar flare or a windstorm, Jennifer Kries, the woman behind the new DVD “Yoga Undressed: The Goddess Series,” is definitely a force of nature. I’ve had a yoga practice for over a decade, but the idea of doing yoga naked is something I never considered until I had a chat with Kries. Not only did she have me considering it and ultimately giving naked yoga a shot — an adventure I’ll be repeating — but more than that she made me really think about how I feel about my body.

Over the years, Kries has combined yoga, dance, and Pilates in her professional life and her personal practice. Starting out as a dancer, she was introduced to Pilates at the age of 13 while studying with the School of American Ballet in New York. This early mat training in Pilates provided her with what she calls her “secret bionic weapon” — the feeling that she was both artistically and athletically invincible, due to its power-enhancing effects, allowed her “to jump higher, turn faster, take bigger risks without being entirely conscious of the repercussions.”

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